Wild mushrooms crostini with fresh herb butter

Wild mushrooms crostini with fresh herb butter

Last year, Juliette, Marie-Soleil and Joanie were lucky enough to visit Patapedia sector 2, one of the Gaspé Peninsula's best-kept secrets. They enjoyed a three-day fishing canoe trip, punctuated by delicious shore lunches, each more appetizing than the last. Marie-Soleil Bergeron, founder of Socca cuisine an outdoor cooking enthusiast, has come up with a simple yet delicious recipe of Wild mushrooms crostini with fresh herb butter for your next outing by the river. 



Dehydrated Lobster Mushrooms 
Oyster Mushrooms 
Duck Fat (can be replaced with butter) for cooking
Scottish Lovage (Sea Parsley)
Garlic Flower 
Sourdough Bread 


1. Start your fire and allow the coals to get hot
2.  Rehydrate the lobster mushrooms and drain completely, squeezing out any excess water.
3. Heat a cast-iron skillet over hot coals and add duck fat. 
4. Add rehydrated Lobster mushroom to your skillet and sauté for 2 minutes or until golden brown.
5. Set aside. 
6. Add the chanterelles cut in half or whole if small and cook again until golden brown. Add duck fat if needed. 
7. Salt the chanterelles right before putting them aside. 
8. Finely chop the Scottish Lovage and garlic flower. 
9. On the same chopping bord, mix butter with herbs and whip until butter is room temperature. Make sure the butter doesn't soften too much. Add a pinch of salt to the butter. 
10. Add butter to your sourdough slice and add it to your skillet or to a small cooking grill. 
11. Once the bread is lightly grilled, add lobster mushrooms, chanterelles, and marinated oyster mushrooms on the sourdough and finish with some scottish lovage leaves on top. 

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