About the episode

As an avid fly fisherman and filmmaker who has Atlantic Salmon conservation at heart, Fred Campbell always wanted to learn more about the legendary Lee Wulff and his explorations in Newfoundland and Labrador. He decided to venture there, exploring the wild terrain to discover more about this land, its Atlantic salmon and to witness firsthand why Lee Wulff cherished it so deeply.

In this film, Fred Campbell takes us on a journey to explore the culture and fishing while revisiting wild places where Lee Wulff set foot. Fred travels to Mountain Waters Resort to meet with Les and Ryan Wentzell, flies to Labrador on The Flowers River in search of Atlantic Salmon and meets with Keith Payne to learn more about the Indigenous culture here in Newfoundland.

Lee Wulff

Artist, bush pilot, writer, filmmaker, and guide, Lee Wulff was not only an avid fly fisherman but also a dedicated Atlantic salmon conservationist. Born on March 10, 1905, in Alaska, Wulff's life became intertwined with the mission to preserve natural territories. As an artist, he skillfully captured the beauty of the landscapes he explored, using his talents to raise awareness about the fragile ecosystems supporting Atlantic salmon. His experiences as a bush pilot provided a unique perspective, driving him to actively advocate for the protection of these vital habitats. Through his multifaceted career, Wulff's impact as a passionate conservationist resonates, shaping the dialogue around the importance of environmental stewardship in the realm of fly fishing.

Les Wentzell

Les embarked on his fly fishing journey at an early age, spending considerable time on Portland Creek River and its feeder streams. The art of fly casting and fishing was acquired through the guidance of seasoned anglers at the time. Since retiring from work a year ago, Les has chosen to share his wealth of fishing knowledge with anyone interested, regardless of age. He regards the future of fly fishing for Atlantic salmon as a significant part of his responsibility, aiming to contribute to its enhancement for the sake of his grandchildren and all fellow fishing enthusiasts.

Keith Payne

Keith is a Paddle Canada instructor in advanced solo and tandem lake and moving water canoeing in wilderness camping and an instructor trainer in all 3 disciplines. He’s a certified sea kayak instructor and an instructor trainer in cross-country skiing. Keith lives in Corner Brook but was born in Rocky Hr. and moved to Corner Brook when he was 10. After retiring from the teaching profession in 2003, he worked as a hunting and fishing guide and then as a manager in the industry. He currently divides his time between canoe and ski instructing, guiding tours in Norris Point and guiding big game hunters.

Susan White

Susan White is the Deputy Mayor of the Town of Port au Choix. Her role is crucial for the conservation of wild places as she encourages the public and the visitors to understand, appreciate and support the natural and cultural heritage place of Port au Choix. Without her help and knowledge, our adventure would not have been as memorable as it was.



As part of the 2024 Palm Festival edition, Hooké is proud to present its newest episode of the Stewards of the Land series: The Call of the Wild. Join Fred Campbell on this unique adventure celebrating fly fishing, nature, and conservation.


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