Through this new original series, important topics will be discussed in the world of hunting and fishing and more specifically, the conservation of the environment, sustainable and responsible hunting and fishing, ethical issues of the environment and the place of women in the community of hunters and fishermen.

Outdoor enthusiast

Juliette Larocque

A jack-of-all-trades and deeply curious, Juliette is always looking to add more strings to her bow as an experienced sportswoman. Thanks to the Hooké team she joined in 2018, Juliette has had the chance to take up fly fishing in 2019 and small game hunting in 2020. She sees fishing and hunting as a perfect complement to her passion for the outdoors. With her head on her shoulders and her mind open to the world, Juliette wants to live her life 100%.


Geneviève Lavoie

Author and founder of the survival blog "La Vivaliste", Geneviève encourages women not to be afraid to challenge themselves on a spiritual and physical level. Self-taught, she specializes in plant knowledge, tracking and living in all possible situations.

Fishing Guide

Sarah Nelis

There are many things that led Sarah Nellis to pursue her passion as an Atlantic salmon fishing guide. These include a grandfather who was an avid salmon fisherman, studies in adventure tourism and trips to Western Canada and Chile. In the summer of 2021 she will be finishing her first full time summer as a guide on the Grand Cascapedia River and she is one of the most genuine and ambitious women we have met.

Dedicated fisherwoman

Laurence Galarneau

Laurence returned to live in Gaspésie to get closer to her passion for the territory and especially for Atlantic salmon fishing. For the past two years, she has been involved in the management, initiation and administration of Guide Coop: a group of independent guides who share the desire to create an authentic fishing experience.