The Film: De terre en rivière

The Film: De terre en rivière
In July 2020, market gardener Jean-Martin Fortier exceptionally left his fields in the middle of summer to follow Fred Campbell, founder of Hooké, on a salmon fishing trip on the Bonaventure River in Gaspésie.

Everything seems to be going well for market gardener Jean-Martin Fortin. His books on ecological market gardening, the TV shows he participates in (Les Fermiers, C'est plus qu'un jardin...) captivate a large audience and the new company Growers & Co. which he founded with Fred Campbell, is expanding rapidly and stands out from the crowd.

Through clear mornings on the Bonaventure River, end-of-the-world rains, canoe trips, shared meals, advice from their guides Charles-Hubert Carré and Kevin Cayouette and manager Frank Barriault, fireside chats, philosophical conversations, and moments of grace, the chemistry between him and Fred has gone up a notch.

It must be said that each in his own way, Fred the resident and Jean-Martin the landowner are leading their own little ecological revolution by trying to swell the ranks of their clans of rebels of the riverbanks and the fields! Together they never lose sight of the goal: to protect the resource and nature, "that's what's most precious to us so that future generations can enjoy the land and our rivers.
Here is De terre en rivière, an Atlantic salmon fishing adventure that is almost... initiatory!

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