United to empower women in the outdoors 

"Connectées par le plein air" is a series presented by Hooké and La Lancée that celebrates the strength, resilience, and passion of women taking on leadership roles in the world of the outdoors. Meet dynamic duos of women navigating the wilderness and follow their adventures as they share their unique experiences and personal successes. Amid camaraderie and challenges, they explore mountains, forests, and rivers while discussing the significance of female representation in the landscape of adventure in Quebec.

French series with english subtitles available.


La Lancée - Épisodes

Professional adventure guide and outdoor instructor

Renée-Claude Bastien

Renée-Claude has been a professional adventure guide for over 20 years. She is an expedition leader with the Chèvres de Montagne team, a community of outdoor women (the largest in Canada!). She also trains the next generation as coordinator and teacher of the Adventure Tourism Guide program at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent, as well as being a trainer for various outdoor federations.

Founder and head trainer - Le Mouvement HappyFitness

Chloé Rochette

Chloé is the founder of the HappyFitness Movement where she also serves as head coach. The mission of her company, which she founded in 2012, is to "help build a more mobile and vibrant society by reshaping the discussion surrounding wellness". She is also the author of the book Tout le monde aime danser, a plea to liberate movement. "The power of movement is our primary way as humans of interacting with life. It's fundamental to being human".

Professor at Université Laval and founder of Dehors

Virginie Gargano

Virginie is the founder of Dehors, a training service for health professionals (or anyone else interested) on intervention in nature and adventure contexts. For the past 15 years, she has accumulated experience as a guide and facilitator in outdoor environments. With a bachelor's degree in outdoor and adventure tourism and a doctorate in social work, Virginie is a professor at the École de travail social et de criminologie.

Co-founder of Au Grand Air and adventure guide

Camille Godue-Couture

Camille is one of the founders of the Au grand air cooperative, founded in 2018. The project's objective is to help children's overall development through nature.An adventure guide and whitewater enthusiast, Camille holds a bachelor's degree in outdoor intervention and is currently completing her master's degree in educational science. She is also a lecturer in nature-based education.


Mobilize, engage and inspire stakeholders, leaders and decision-makers in sport, outdoor activities and physical activity in Quebec to facilitate the participation and leadership of girls and women..