Hooké Season 2

The adventure continues for the Hooké tribe! From Canada to Sweden, Charles-Alexandre Cloutier and Alexis Pageau go to discover remote and unpublished fishing destinations and meet local personalities.

Episode 1Fishing With The Inuit of Tasiujaq

Fishing With The Inuit of Tasiujaq

Charles and Alexis go on an adventure in one of the remotest corners of Quebec where they discover Leaf River Estuary Lodge; an outfitter managed entirely by the Inuit of Tasiujaq village.

Episode 2Chasing Baltic Salmon

Chasing Baltic Salmon

On a journey to catch Baltic salmon, Charles and Alexis make it to Lapland—the northernmost region of Sweden—and get to experience the Torne and Byske rivers with their guides Calle Lundqvist and T...

Episode 3The Lainio, Kalyx, and Ängesån Rivers

The Lainio, Kalyx, and Ängesån Rivers

As the journey continues, the boys end up north of the Torne River where they meet with fishing veterans Erling Holmstrom and Bernt Holmstrom. Charles and Alexis are camping at the Pinetree Lodge a...

Episode 4Pacific Salmon Fishing Off the Coast of Prince Rupert

Pacific Salmon Fishing Off the Coast of Prince Rupert

Charles and Alexis travel to Prince Rupert BC, where they meet local guide and fisherman François Blanchet, and owner of Sunset Charters Dave Eng.


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Episode 5Spring Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

Spring Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

Charles and Alexis head out to the Gaspé Peninsula in search of fresh Atlantic salmon with André Bélaieff from the Matapédia Inn.

Episode 6Atlantic Salmon Fishing at Hunt River Lodge

Atlantic Salmon Fishing at Hunt River Lodge

Charles, Alexis, and Fred go on an expedition to Hunt River Lodge in northern Labrador, where they fish for Atlantic salmon and Arctic char with the Loop team.

Episode 7Sturgeon and Bull Trout at Pitt River Lodge

Sturgeon and Bull Trout at Pitt River Lodge

Charles and Alexis get on a flight to Canada’s west coast to Pitt River Lodge where they will fish for sea-run bull trout.

Episode 8Chasing Striped Bass

Chasing Striped Bass

Mid-July 2016. The weather is shady, the van is packed. We hit highway 20 East, a road we’ve taken many times before with the beautiful rivers of the Gaspé and their mythic salmon on our minds.

Episode 9Fall Fishing on the Margaree River

Fall Fishing on the Margaree River

The Margaree River, one of Nova Scotia’s premier salmon rivers, is recognized for its split runs: one in the summer and another in late September.

Episode 10Pemberton and Squamish River Trout

Pemberton and Squamish River Trout

Charles and Alexis set out to explore the southwestern rivers of British Columbia with Trout Country Fishing Guides.

Episode 11Sea Trout Fishing

Sea Trout Fishing

Charles and Alexis hook up with their friend Paul Templeton, Hooké ambassador and chef for one of Newfoundland’s best lodges, for yet another fishing trip.

Episode 12Duck Hunting and Fall Fishing

Duck Hunting and Fall Fishing

Some traditions never die. For the boys, this one is about getting together with friends at the end of the season to make the most of the last warm days.

Episode 13Glazier Lake Musky

Glazier Lake Musky

Invited by their friend Dan Després, Alexis and Charles visit Glazier Lake on the border of Maine and New Brunswick. For the first time in their lives, the boys get a shot at musky fishing.