The Call of the Wild PALM Festival 2024

The Call of the Wild PALM Festival 2024
Hooké Presents

The Call of the Wild

Following the footsteps of Lee Wulff

Watch the trailer for the third episode of the "Stewards of the Land" series. Secure your tickets for the 7th edition of the Palm Festival to enjoy the full episode. Tickets can be purchased on the Saumon Québec website.

Each festival edition is a unique opportunity for us to premiere a film and share an incredible adventure with the amazing and broad community of anglers who attend the various screenings in the four corners of Québec. This year, Fred had the opportunity to travel to Newfoundland and Labrador to follow in the footsteps of legendary adventurer Lee Wulf.

Artist, bush pilot, writer, filmmaker, fly fishermen, and dedicated Atlantic salmon conservationist, Lee Wulff devoted his life to his passion for fly fishing, exploring and the preservation of natural territories.

As an avid fly fisherman and filmmaker who has Atlantic Salmon conservation at heart, Fred Campbell always wanted to learn more about the legendary Lee Wulff and his explorations in Newfoundland and Labrador. He decided to venture there, exploring the wild terrain to discover more about this land, its Atlantic salmon and to witness firsthand why Lee Wulff cherished it so deeply.

In this film, Fred Campbell takes us on a journey to explore the culture and fishing while revisiting wild places where Lee Wulff set foot. Fred travels to Mountain Waters Resort to meet with Les and Ryan Wentzell, flies to Labrador on The Flowers River in search of Atlantic Salmon and meets with Keith Payne to learn more about the Indigenous culture here in Newfoundland.

PALM Festival

Since 2017, the Festival de film de pêche à la mouche (PALM) has been showcasing short films made on Quebec rivers. It's an opportunity for amateur videographers from across the province to come together and celebrate nature and conservation. 

The Festival offers salmon anglers the chance to create a 5 to 20 minute film, or a video of less than a minute, to be included in one of the Festival's two official selections. Of all the films received, those selected will be included in the official program, and their short films will be screened during the Festival tour, which will visit fishing enthusiasts across Quebec. The public and the jury, made up of videographers and key players in the world of salmon, vote for the winners, who will share prizes worth up to $15,000. 

Through their works, the filmmakers share with you their passion for fly fishing, their lifestyle, and the culture that goes with it. The PALM Festival also offers a unique opportunity for fishing, nature and film enthusiasts to come together and engage in enriching discussions with various organizations active in this field.

The 2024 edition is now underway, and it's still possible to submit your short film in one of the two categories. To find out more about the Festival, visit the Saumon Québec website.

Fédération Atlantique du Saumon


The Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique is an essential organization for the protection and conservation of salmon. Its mission is to unite and represent the various actors in the field. The FQSA undertakes a variety of initiatives to ensure the sustainability of salmon populations in Quebec rivers. To this end, the federation promotes: 

  • Conservation and enhancement of Atlantic salmon and its habitat.
  • Sustainable development of Atlantic salmon sport fishing.
  • Maintaining access to quality fishing at a fair price.

Saumon Québec

PALM is an initiative of the Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique (FQSA) and its media brand, Saumon Québec, to promote its mission, particularly with regard to the development of sport fishing.

The Hooké and Saumon Québec collaboration

Hooké was born on the banks of the Restigouche River. Since then, more than 80 films have been shot, showcasing our passion for fly fishing, salmon, other fish species and ethical fishing practices

So it's only natural that we should work with Saumon Québec to promote Atlantic salmon conservation and best practices on the river. Protecting the resource is at the heart of our corporate values, and we're delighted to be joining forces to organize and promote the PALM Festival for the seventh year running.

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