Hooké Interview With Photographer Andrew Miller

with photographer Andrew Miller

We’ve recently met with Hooké ambassador Andrew Miller, a graphic designer and photographer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’ve been in contact with Andrew for quite a while now and always taught his photos were pretty epic, so we booked a meeting with him to learn a bit more about his work.

What’s up Andrew, what have you been doing lately?

Just came back from a 2-day float on the San Juan river, it was pretty epic. A buddy of mine from Texas was up here and he invited me up. We got into some sweet fish!

You’re quite lucky man, last Monday’s snowfall sure made us wish we were in New Mexico or somewhere close by. So tell us, what is up with your photography work, where does your passion comes from?

A: Well, I don’t consider myself a photographer or even a part-time photographer but I’d sure like to make a living out of it someday. I’d say my passion comes from a desire to tell stories, especially when it comes to fishing: I really like telling fish stories, like everybody else I guess. You know, we all like to sit around a campfire or a bar and swap fish stories, and a really good way for me to tell those stories is through compelling imagery. So when I’m out on a trip, whether it’s hiking, camping or fishing, I try to always have my camera on hand, even if it’s just for capturing a very beautiful fish that was hard to catch or sharing what the landscape looks like when I’m out there on the river. I like that. I’m always trying to tell that story from a new perspective. The biggest accolade that comes from people with whom I share these images is when they tell me I’ve inspired them to get out and experience those same things themselves. I think that’s what inspires me to take cool images and share them with other people.

You know we’ve got something going in on with fly-fishing over here, tell us about your experience, have you been fishing for a while?

I’ve actually started fly-fishing not long ago. Growing up, I was kind of instilled with a love for the outdoors. Slowly but surely it’s become a big cornerstone of my life, and then fly-fishing really just weaved its way into those other experiences. I caught on the lifestyle through Instagram, and found it compelling. Took a fly-fishing 101 class at the fly shop back in Texas, learnt the basics, and from there I just learned by myself, catching bass behind my house. All in all I think it just accentuates my overall love for the outdoors.

It’s cool to hear someone’s passion for fly-fishing started with instagram. We’ve been using social media a lot to share our adventures, and our goal as always been to bring more people to try fly-fishing. You share a lot of great pictures on Instagram yourself, how important is it for you to do so?

I don’t know if it’s important but it sure is fun! I have a good time trying to photograph fly-fishing, because I find it’s photographed really well but a lot of the images you see are kind of repetitive so it’s always a nice challenge to try and show it from a new perspective. Mine is the perspective of a very new fisherman that’s not been fishing for very long, and I try to encourage people to go out there and try it, and not be intimidated by it. I was very intimidated by it when I first started; I was like “I’m never gonna learn how to cast this thing.” And so I want to share that with other people who might be interested in fly-fishing and show them my progression. Maybe that will encourage somebody else to pick up a fly rod and try it for themselves.

thanks for accepting our invitation today Andrew. We’ll keep following your stuff on Instagram and Facebook. Keep sharing the vibes!