Leucan x Hooké

the force of nature

Children affected by cancer are forces of nature

Science has proven it: being in contact with nature is good for your health. We fill up on fresh air and vitality, our eyes catch the light, we breathe deeply and we anchor ourselves in the present moment. The physical and psychological challenges they face require energy, perseverance and courage. And the days when they can have fun and forget about the disease are as rare as they are precious.

A warm, comfortable and durable shirt.

At Hooké, this cause is very important to us. We have partnered with Leucan and created a unique shirt to support children with cancer and their families. Our wish? To offer these children and their families a moment of respite in the great outdoors. To make sure that the benefits of nature help them regain their strength and bring them softness and comfort.

Your Way of Helping Them

1. Buy the shirt or offer it to a loved one! All profits from the sale of the Force of Nature shirt will be donated to Leucan.

2. Support the Power of Nature campaign by making a donation.

Thank you to all the partners

La force de la nature - Eliott Savard

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