Back to the roots with the NORR Festival

Back to the roots with the NORR Festival

The NORR Festival returns this fall from September 16 to 18 for the second edition of the largest gathering of outdoor communities in Quebec. This event is the perfect opportunity for all nature lovers to get together to enjoy a weekend of camping and participate in a wide range of activities.

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Our team will be on site to animate three different workshops: Initiation to Fly Tying, Initiation to Fly Fishing and Preparing & Cooking Fresh Fish. In the first activity, participants will be able to assemble their fly from A to Z and take it with them on their next fishing trip. In the second activity, we will discuss the basic techniques of fly fishing, the necessary equipment and the code of ethics. Our apprentice fly fishers will learn to handle the different knots and basic casts with our experts. For the more advanced, they will be able to perfect their casts and broaden their knowledge. Finally, the third workshop will allow participants to become familiar with multiple techniques for fileting and cooking fresh fish directly over the fire. Basic techniques will be reviewed as well as more creative ways to perfect your woodland cooking skills. 

We'll be there throughout the weekend to interact with the community and to present the new Prospector Fall/Winter 2022 collection. The perfect excuse to hang out with a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts. 

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