ENCORE - Episode 01

ENCORE - Episode 01
From Latin HINC AD HORAM (from here)
Indicates that the action or state in question persists, either by prolonging itself continuously, or by repeating itself.

Renée-Claude and Chloé don't know each other, yet everything unites them. Working in the outdoor and movement industries respectively, they act as role models and mentors. Renée-Claude has been working as an adventure guide for several years now, accumulating experience in some of the wildest places on earth. She combines her explorations with training and teaching, which she does at Cégep Saint-Laurent's AEC Adventure Tourism Guide program. As for Chloé, her mission is to share her passion for movement with as many women as possible. Founder and head trainer of the HappyFitness movement, and author of the book Tout le monde aime danser, she leads her advocacy for a more active world by example.

Renée-Claude and Chloé begin their hike to Montagne Noire under snow-laden fir trees. As the highest peak in the Laurentides region, they meet up to climb the 680 meters separating them from the summit. Reunited in their favorite playground, the stage is set to discuss the important role the outdoors plays in their lives and how movement and adventure can inspire women to build the confidence to thrive in nature.

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