Big Game Hunting Initiation on the North Shore

Big Game Hunting Initiation on the North Shore

In her inaugural big game hunt, Juliette finds herself facing the unknown. Determined to navigate this adventure successfully, she seeks the help of an extremely experienced woman to guide her. Manon, a seasoned hunter, graciously offers to share her knowledge and joins Juliette on her trip to the Chenail du Nord outfitter. With Manon's invaluable advice and the thrill of this unique experience, Juliette immerses herself into the world of big game hunting, eager to unravel the intricacies of this exciting activity. 

Quebec's Côte-Nord region is a great place for moose-hunting enthusiasts. Its vast territory offers great opportunities for those who wish to engage in this activity. With its immense forests, winding rivers and breathtaking scenery, the area creates an ideal backdrop for memorable hunting experiences. For novice and experienced hunters alike, Côte-Nord outfitters play an essential role in facilitating access to moose hunting with their expertise, local knowledge and hospitality.


Manon Tanguay 

With extensive experience gained in the field over the years, Manon has explored the four corners of North America to push her limits and acquire as much hunting knowledge as possible. Meticulous, patient and extremely observant, she adapts in real time to maximize her chances of success when hunting big game, her area of expertise. Passionate about nature and dedicated to perfecting her skills, Manon is an exceptional mentor and a source of inspiration for those wishing to embark on their own hunting adventure.


Le Chenail du Nord Outfitter 

Just 95 km northwest of Forestville on the Côte-Nord region, lies a game-filled territory waiting to be discovered! Le Chenail du Nord Outfitter, located in the Manicouagan touristic region, will amaze outdoor, hunting and fishing enthusiasts with its 40 lakes spread across an area of 70 square kilometers.

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