Gravel Biking, Whitewater Canoeing and Fly Fishing in the Outaouais Region

Gravel Biking, Whitewater Canoeing and Fly Fishing in the Outaouais Region

The Outaouais, a vast wilderness region, offers breathtaking scenery that captivates outdoor enthusiasts. Majestic mountains and vast green forests make it a natural treasure to be explored and discovered, both on the trails and on the rivers. But what sets this region apart is its proximity to major centers. The Outaouais harmoniously blends wilderness and urban life, delighting nature lovers with an unparalleled richness.

Juliette, eager to discover and understand this vast territory, embarks on a thrilling journey. Her first stop is with Florence, with whom she will travel the roads and valleys surrounding Gatineau Park on a gravel bike. Juliette then shares her passion for rivers with Roxanne, who teaches her the basics of white-water canoeing. In return, Juliette will introduce her to fly-fishing at the Mijocama outfitter. Through these encounters and exchanges, our adventurer immerses herself in the very essence of the Outaouais, enjoying its landscapes and soaking up its vibrant culture.

Florence Dostie-Ménard

Florence, a passionate and creative cyclist, combines her passion for cycling with her talent for graphic design. An outdoor athlete, she explores the roads of the Outaouais region on her gravel bike, pushing her limits with every pedal stroke. Her artistic spirit expresses itself in creations inspired by her environment and the scenery she contemplates in nature. Florence embodies the energy of the outdoors, combining sport and creativity with intensity.

Roxanne Dubé

Roxanne, a rafting and adventure enthusiast, spends her summers exploring rivers and working as a guide. Her love of thrills drives her down these rivers, sharing her passion and teaching the fundamentals of whitewater navigation. Bold and determined, she guides adrenaline-seekers through tumultuous rapids, introducing them to the wild beauty of the rivers she explores. With her expertise and intrepid spirit, Roxanne embodies the spirit of adventure and transmits her passion for these captivating waterways to those who dare to take up the challenge.

Mijocama Outfitter

Mijocama offers visitors the chance to discover a wild place of an outstanding diversity of flora and fauna. A family business, Jocelyn and his two sons are there to help visitors make the most of their exclusive territory.


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