An integral part of the Cree territory, the exploration of this natural splendour would not be complete without a foray into the local culture. The richness and immensity of the area impose humility and respect, two values dear to the Cree Nation that inhabits the region, at the limits of the taiga and the Arctic.

This immense territory, bordered by majestic black spruce forests extending over more than 16,000 square kilometers, has more than 5,000 spectacular lakes and rivers. Nibiischii ᓂᐲᔅᒌ, the name of the corporation operating the wildlife reserve, means "Land of Waters", the place where the great natural waters of the North are born.

As we explore the natural riches of the Albanel-Mistassini-and-Waconichi Lakes Wildlife Reserve, it is again and again the same feeling of grandeur and humility that we experience when we see such a majestic spectacle, imbued with authenticity.

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