E02 -Sarah Nellis

E02 -Sarah Nellis
Sarah works at Camp Brûlé and is one of the only women in the Gaspé who guides by canoe. Any nervousness she might have had about being one of the only female guides in the Gaspé quickly was overshadowed by her experiences and motivation. As the weather cools, the end of summer is felt and the salmon are preparing to spawn, Sarah invites Juliette to take the road to the magical setting of the Haute-Gaspésie to explore the Madeleine River nestled in the Chic-Chocs. 

Although Sarah spends most of her time on rivers, she wants to take the time to share with Juliette the well hidden secrets of one of her favorite rivers. They go on a canoe-camping adventure on this ever-wild river that offers breathtaking views. Together, they live a unique fishing experience and share their passion for nature and the outdoors. 

At only 26 years old, Sarah Nellis impresses by her track record and especially by her ambition to become a salmon fishing guide. Here is episode 02 of the series Guided by a Passion with Sarah Nellis.

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