Terms of Use - Loyalty Program

Hooké Loyalty Program

The Hooké Loyalty Program is intended for customers who join the program and purchase on www.hooke.ca and at its physical boutique at 3535 Boulevard Sainte-Anne in Quebec City. The Loyalty Program is not valid at any of our retailers.

Terms of use and changes

Hooké reserves the right to change the various Loyalty Program benefits, rules and information or to terminate the Loyalty Program without notice.

  • Limitations for non-Canadian members

Please note that the following benefits are reserved exclusively for Canadian members: Free shipping on orders over $100 and $125 and perks related to discounted returns fees.

Membership details
  1. Free of charge: Membership is free and requires no purchase.
  2. Eligibility: To participate, you must be 18 years old or more.
  3. Account Creation: To register, go to https://hooke.ca/account/register/ and follow the instructions to create a Loyalty Account. Each member is entitled to only one account. Your points and rewards belong to you and cannot be transferred to another account.
  4. Managing account information: Members can change their information to keep them up to date in their account at https://hooke.ca/account/
  5. Account access: To access your account, simply click on this link, https://hooke.ca/account/, or on the icon on the far right of our website menu. You'll find your personal information, as well as a summary of your accumulated points and rewards.
  6. Unsubscribe from the Loyalty Program: You can unsubscribe from the program at any time. Contact our customer service department at info@hooke.ca to cancel your account. Please note that you will instantly lose all your accumulated points, and will no longer have access to third-party benefits once you cancel. You will also lose all data previously accumulated in your member account, such as invoices and purchase histories.
  7. Hooké Pro Program: People currently enrolled in our Pro Program cannot benefit from the advantages of the Loyalty Program or the Referral Program.
Earn points

Eligible purchases: Purchases of Hooké brand merchandise (after the application of promotional offers, before the application of taxes and delivery charges, and minus returns, refunds or credit adjustments, rounded to the nearest dollar) made online at www.hooke.ca and at our physical boutique at 3535 boulevard Sainte-Anne. Unless specified otherwise, Members will receive one Point for every dollar (CAD$1) on Hooké-brand products exclusively. Points can't be applied to the purchase of Hooké gift card.

Other ways to earn points: You can also earn Points by leaving a product review (10 Points), liking our Facebook page (100 Points), following our Instagram account (100 Points) and choosing the in-store pickup option (100 Points).

Points exclusions
  • Unauthorized or fraudulent purchases will not result in points.
  • Hooké reserves the right to exclude certain items from the program at its discretion.
  • Points are awarded solely on the purchase price of eligible products, excluding shipping and taxes.
  • Returns and credits do not generate points. Any item returned will result in the loss of points accumulated on that purchase.
  • A product purchased with a discount is eligible for points. The number of points collected is equal to the price paid with the discount, not the regular price.
  • Gift card purchases, coupon redemptions and price adjustments do not generate points.
  • Purchases made before registering for the program or without logging in to the account do not generate points.
Expiration of points

Points accumulated expire twelve (12) months after their last issuance.

  • For example, if you accumulate 100 points after making a $100 purchase on 01/03/24, these points will expire on 01/03/25, i.e. 1 year after they were issued. However, if you make other purchases in the meantime, it's the date of issue of these last points that dictates the expiry date.