Gear Up for Rewards

As the upcoming season approaches swiftly, we're excited to offer you a dose of Hooké rewards. The more gear you acquire for your upcoming adventures, the greater our gesture in return. Until September 4,

Spend $150 → Obtain $25
Spend $250 → Obtain $50
Spend $400 → Obtain $100

Before taxes

Terms of use - ‘’Gear up for rewards‘’
  1. The promotion is valid on one order only.
  2. The "First Order 10% discount" cannot be used on the initial purchase in order to receive the rewards.
  3. Only one promo code will be given to the customer. If the customer buys for more than $400 before taxes, the amount received as a promo code cannot exceed $100. 
  4. Once your initial purchase is complete, you will receive your "Gear Up for Rewards" promo code by email. The promo code will be applied to your next order and cannot be used as a credit towards your initial purchase.
  5. The "Gear Up for Rewards" promo code is for one-time use only and must be used in full on a single purchase. It is not possible to use the remaining balance on a subsequent order.
  6. The "Gear Up for Rewards" promo code must be used on Hooké-brand products exclusively at or at our boutique at 3535 boulevard Sainte-Anne. The promo code is not applicable at our other retailers. 
  7. In the event that a customer makes a refund for an order for which they initially received a "Gear Up for Rewards" promo code and the total amount of the transaction becomes insufficient to benefit from a "Hooké Rewards" promo code, the customer's promo code will be canceled. 
  8. The "Gear Up for Rewards" promo code is valid until November 23 inclusively. 
  9. The "Gear Up for Rewards" promo code cannot be combined with any other promotion. 
  10. Promotion runs from August 29, 2023 to September 4, 2023, 11:59 p.m. inclusive.