Podcast: Meeting in my Canoe

Podcast: Meeting in my Canoe

Earlier this month, we presented the fruit of this collaboration: Hooké, a hoppy lager for fishermen and adventure enthusiasts. To celebrate our 10th anniversary of collaboration and to learn more about this beautiful friendship and this limited edition beer, we invite you to watch the podcast "Rencontre dans mon canot" with Fred Campbell and Sébastien Paradis.

About the Hooké beer

Hooké was brewed to accompany a moment shared in a canoe teasing fish or to sip at the beach, this beer is inspired by the great thirst-quenching lagers, but with a cold hopping characteristic of our IPAs. This variant is a perfect mix between an India Pale Lager and a Brut IPA. This makes it a very refreshing beer, thirst-quenching, while remaining focused on the good taste of New Zealand hops.

Contrary to a NEIPA type of beer, the Hooké beer offers a bitterness a little more discreet and has a much less sweet finish, without becoming insipid.

With a strong hop aroma, its fruity notes remind a little of Sauvignon Blanc. The type of hops used, Nelson Sauvin, is very aromatic, which allows it to release several fruity and herbaceous flavours. On the fruity side, we find a mixture of white grapes and passion fruit, for a powerful mixture of refreshing and intense flavours, without being too fragrant. As for the herbaceous side, the aromas blend beautifully with the fermentation flavours from the lager yeast and the crisp grain flavours from the Pilsner malt.

A lover of hops, this hoppy lager, at 5.5% alcohol, is sure to please. A dry, crisp and refreshing beer that will perfectly match the thousand and one activities planned for this summer.


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