PALM FESTIVAL 2022 Trailers Films

PALM FESTIVAL 2022 Trailers Films

Organized by the Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique (FQSA) and its trademark Saumon Québec, in collaboration with Hooké, the Fly Fishing Film Festival (PALM) features short films of 5 to 20 minutes. 

Here are the trailers of the 5 films in competition.


365 JOURS - Directed by Capsize Fly Fishing

We spent the summer of 2021 on the roads of Gaspésie. We had only one desire: to spend as much time as possible on the rivers, to meet a lot of passionate people and to understand why we become so addicted to this way of life. Beyond catching a salmon, what is it that makes us live so much, 365 days a year? 


EAU TROUBLE - Directed by Mathieu Léonard

After a summer with little rain, Ezekiel, Gabriel and Mathieu return to the Gaspesie to finish their Atlantic salmon season. It is with apprehension that the rain arrives at the same time, torrential downpours break on the peninsula. In a short time, the crystalline waters of the Bonaventure appear under an opacity rarely seen in summer. Through the tree trunks that descend the river due to the rising water flow, the quest to catch an Atlantic salmon takes on its full meaning in such a deluge.


L'HISTOIRE D'UN PARI - Directed by Jérôme Charest

L'histoire d'un pari is the story of a crazy idea that somehow changed the life of a young couple from the Saguenay. On a whim, Jérôme and Andréanne made a decision that led them to live their best fishing season ever. The two salmon fishing enthusiasts will leave for an adventure on the most beautiful rivers of the Gaspé Peninsula to live their passion! 


PABOK - Directed by Déyan Lafond

Initiated to salmon fishing only 4 years ago, Déyan and Ben are now real addicts. They combine art, creativity and sport to connect with the wilderness.
This year, via the Great Cascapedia and the Darmouth River, Déyan returns to Ben's hometown of Chandler to fish the sublime Pabos Rivers. In a trip of 4 rivers in 4 days, they will introduce you to a jewel that is little known by salmon fishermen; the Pabok Zec!


SEPTEMBRE - Directed by North Shore Fly Fishing 

Many things have changed for us since our time at PALM last year. We had the chance to travel to the four corners of our beautiful region and especially to meet passionate people who quickly became friends. Despite a busy summer, we took the time to enjoy our favorite season, fall.


Join us to contemplate the beauty of Quebec's landscapes, extraordinary adventures and dreamlike journeys. This year again, the PALM Festival will be offered in webcast. Two options are available to you to enjoy these images.

To buy your ticket for the Festival and to have access to the first films each week, it is here :

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