Happy New Year! A Year Outdoors Filled with Adventures

Happy New Year! A Year Outdoors Filled with Adventures
Thanks to the generous people who shared their corner of paradise and their passion with us. We had to adapt to new conditions that forced us to question our approaches and our projects. But it is together, with all the fishing, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts that we have succeeded in spending an amazing year. Your support has moved us and motivated us to come up with new ideas and new ways to share content with you. We have been delighted by what we have experienced and discovered on our expeditions across the province. All this richness and unexplored nature that led us to navigate on infinite waterways of Bay James, to enjoy winter and the abundance of activities it provides in the forests of Mauricie, to travel the majestic roads of the Gaspé Peninsula in search of Atlantic salmon and striped bass. So many reasons that make us love our part of the country, but above all, the people. We owe this year of prosperity to you, the members of our community, who are passionate about the great outdoors and nature, who respect it and who enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.

For the past 10 years, you have helped us to further develop our services and the ties that bind us to you. We are sincerely grateful to you and are already hard at work developing new projects for this next year of exploration that will take us even further. We will focus on new ways to spend more time outdoors in nature. To do so, we will introduce you to inspiring people who have the forest and the preservation of the environment tattooed on their hearts, experienced people who have adopted extraordinary lifestyles, and others who have developed simple and effective ways to make the most of their time spent outdoors while enjoying the benefits of Mother Nature. Since our community is our lifeblood, we will be working harder and stronger to connect.

Thanks to the support of our community, our clients and all our partners, we have been able to continue to grow Hooké during this particular year, despite the challenges associated with the struggling situation we have all been living these past years. We feel extremely blessed and are very grateful to you. Surrounded better than ever, we are ready to attack this 10th year on the right foot, with you.

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