It All Started with a Passion for Fly-Fishing

It All Started with a Passion for Fly-Fishing

Marc Leblanc is well known to salmon anglers who frequent the Baie des Chaleurs on the Gaspé Peninsula. A guide for 47 years on the Petite Cascapédia and Bonaventure Rivers and currently guiding with Guide Co-op, he has shared his knowledge with countless fishermen over the past decades. A true fly-fishing enthusiast, Marc has dedicated his life to exploring rivers, guiding those passionate about Atlantic salmon, sharing the ethical practices of the sport and rigorously maintaining his more than fabulous moustache.

As autumn sets in, the salmon begin their great migration and the fishermen return home. As for Marc, he indulges in his favorite pastime: fly-tying. It's an activity that has occupied his winters for as long as he's been guiding for salmon. His fly-tying talents are recognized throughout the Quebec fly-fishing community. Some would even say that Marc's flies are synonymous with successful fishing for anglers lucky enough to put one on the end of their line.

Canopée Wet Fly 

Philippe Leblanc is the owner of Mariana, a one of Quebec's first micro-distilleries, located in the heart of the Mauricie region. He is a true lover of nature, the great outdoors and with no surprise, fly fishing. During a guided fishing trip on the Petite Cascapedia in June 2022, he met our good friend Marc Leblanc. Although they share the same surname, it's not blood ties that unite them, but their love of Atlantic salmon and local Quebec products. After lengthy discussions on the different types of flies, and a few glasses of Canopée, a dry gin distilled by Mariana, the idea of creating a fly in honor of this exceptional forest gin came to life.

In the heart of the peaceful Petite Cascapedia valley, on its lush green banks and in front of its crystal-clear water, Marc creates the Canopée fly from scratch. Inspired by the notes of juniper berries, black spruce, cedar, oak and maple from Quebec's forests that compose the gin, this complex wet fly is a top choice for Atlantic salmon.

For us at Hooké, it represents the very best of Quebec. Over the past few years, we've had the chance to work both with Philippe on the creation of the special edition Canopée x Hooké forest gin, and with Marc on numerous outings on the river, casting our flies. This is an opportunity for us to showcase two people who inspire us professionally and personally.

Reproduce the Canopée wet fly

If you're a fly tying enthusiast, you'll find the Canopée a nice challenge to replicate. Christine Alart, angler, friend and protégé of Marc, has kindly agreed to tie it step by step, so that you too can catch a salmon on your next day on the river. We recommend you accompany your tying session with a Canopée-based gin and tonic.


Required Material 

  1. Tag: Golden flat tinsel
  2. Tail:  Golden crest teinte verte avec plume de ara. 
  3. Butt:  Black ostrich. 
  4. Body: Silk or black wool.
  5. Ribbing: Martelé plat et torsade de couleur vert ou or, au choix.   
  6. Wing: Poils noirs avec quelques brins de krystal flash, chartreuse et poils sunburst.  
  7. Hackle Long héron naturel beige / crème (2-3 plumes) 
  8. Front Hackle: En collerette de plume naturelle de Canard Branchu 
  9. Cheek: Green Feathers -  Jungle Cock and Jungle Cock Eye
  10. Head: Black 

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