The Force of Nature Campaign

The Force of Nature Campaign

Objective achieved!

The challenges faced by children with cancer require energy, perseverance and courage. Science has shown that being in contact with nature has beneficial effects on health. We refuel with fresh air and vitality, our eyes capture the light, we breathe deeply, and we anchor ourselves in the present moment. Our Force de la nature campaign came from this love for nature and the importance of the cause.

One year later, thanks to the sale of Leucan shirts designed by Hooké and the collaboration of Sépaq, we are proud to be able to give a $145,000 cheque to Leucan to support children with cancer and their families. A significant amount that will allow children to enjoy the great outdoors.

Second Edition

The overwhelming success of the first edition of shirts has pushed us to continue our collaboration with Leucan and to bring back the project for a second consecutive year. As of today, February 16th, you can purchase the brand new Leucan 2023 Canadian insulated shirt available this time in forest green and cream on our online store. The shirts will also be on sale at our participating retailers, such as Sail, Latulippe, La Cordée, Sports Experts, and many others on March 10th. Profits will be donated to the association and outdoor retreats will be organized for children with cancer and their families. Our goal was to reach a total donation of $200,000 over the course of this two-year collaboration. Help us make it happen and get your hand on the shirt or give it to a loved one! You can also support the Force de la nature campaign by donating.

The roots of the project

At the beginning of 2022, Catherine D'Anjou and Karina Durand, two loyal Leucan volunteers from the Quebec region, approached us to discuss a possible collaboration to support children with cancer and their families. As Hooké's mission is based on the promotion of outdoor life, it was only natural that we accepted and that the Force de la nature philanthropic campaign was born. 

Our wish with this project was to offer these children and their families a moment of respite in the outdoors to recharge their batteries and regain their strength. A well-deserved break where they can enjoy the benefits of nature, its comfort and safety.

A warm, comfortable and durable shirt

The Force de la nature campaign was built on the sale of a quality insulated plaid shirt designed in Quebec City by our team. Warm, comforting and durable, this Canadian shirt made from recycled materials is available for men, women and children. It has the look and feel of a timeless piece of clothing that will stand the test of time. It is still available in limited quantities in our online store and some major outdoor stores like Sail and Simons.

A true force of nature

Éliott Savard lives in the Charlevoix region, more precisely in La Malbaie. He is 11 years old and is the second son of Catherine and Sébastien. He has an older brother Ulysse, whom he loves more than anything else in the world. Elliott is a very active young man and a great traveller. Above all, he is open to discovering and learning. Independent by nature, he does not hesitate to take on challenges with his friends or family.

Élliott was living a dream life until November 2021, when he was diagnosed with acute leukemia by the doctors at Chul. Like a true champion, he fights because he loves his life. Elliott is very brave. He is also well surrounded and he knows that he must not give up and that no matter what the ordeal is, he has all the strength and love of his family to fall and to get back up.  

When Leucan told us that he was also passionate about fishing, it was a perfect match to go "titiller" the fish with him as he so likes to put it in French. We had the chance to help him catch his first trout on a fly thanks to Sépaq and to live a memorable moment with him. The force of nature was there! We are proud to have been able to count on his presence and strength throughout the last campaign. Watch our outing to Sépaq's Camp Mercier with Eliott last summer.

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