Nitassinan - Québec North Shore

Nitassinan - Québec North Shore

In order to better understand how communities ensure the transmission of knowledge and know-how related to wilderness practices, the intrepid adventurer met people involved in preserving the culture and the salmon. An adventure that will also allow her to understand how First Nations manage the precious resource that salmon represent in their waterways. As her fishing partner Audrey, a fishing guide and member of the Innu community, mentions: "It is good to catch and release, but we must not forget our identity".

 Audrey Ringuette

Meet Audrey, a police officer from the Innu community of Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam. Passionate about fly fishing, she guides a few days a year on the Moisie Rivera and is involved in the board of directors of the river's protection. Her love for fishing and her cultural background will captivate you and teach you more about the history and beauty of this wild region.

Moisie-Nipissis Outfitters

Moisie-Nipissis Outfitters has exclusive rights for Atlantic salmon fishing on 40 km of the Moisie and Nipissis rivers. On the outfitter territory, we find the famous fishing sectors of the basin (Mile 13.5), the Cran Serré on the Moisie and the Endicott and de la chute pools on the Nipissis.

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