Franck Emond

Franck Emond
The idea of leaving the city life to get closer to nature is self-evident for Frank and his family. After a long journey of working in front of a computer for the financial software world, he befriended Fred Campbell during a hunting morning. Fred offers him to animate the hunting season for Hooké. After this long journey of animation, living and documenting the hunt in the four corners of Quebec, he continues his path towards guiding for salmon fishing.

He chooses to sell his house and to migrate to the Gaspé to find happiness, without knowing what the life of a fishing guide will bring him. In spite of the intense work - he works seven days a week during the salmon fishing season - Franck is finally happy. And his family, especially Alexandra, his wife, has played a very important role. Without her support and encouragement, none of this would have been possible. From their very first conversations, when this was just a sketch, a dream, she supported and encouraged him to follow his heart, his instincts and to go for it. He now has a job that he is passionate about and he lives it to the fullest.

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