Erik Tjärner & Lars Munk

Erik Tjärner & Lars Munk

We hunted a new bird which we had never seen before “the magnificent Capercailli” a member of the grouse family and its largest member. An inspiring moment with great people who have a true connection to nature.

“As long as you do it with resect! I don’t go out and kill more than I can eat that would not make sense because I want the hunting and the fishing to be good the year after. If you go out and kill only for the trophy then it’s a different thing.” Lars Munk

“It’s not about the killing of course it’s a big part of the hunting but being in nature with my dog seems to all come together and make sense to get really good meat from the nature” Erik Tjärner
Have a great hunting season everyone! Swedish Lapland Kengis Bruk #hunting

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