People often say that Anticosti Island is a truly unique place, known for its abundant wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Its beauty and richness often make us forget that it's also a harsh and unforgiving territory. Despite hunting in the snow-covered wilderness and facing extreme weather conditions, one can only feel grateful for having the chance to hunt on this wild island. 

Fred Campbell accompanies Fabien Cloutier on his first deer hunt on Anticosti Island.

Their arrival on this wild island was as unpredictable as the territory itself. Welcomed by gusts of icy wind and a large cold front, Fred and Fabien quickly adapt to acclimate themselves to the storm that whitened the entire space and caused chaos on the island. An extra challenge for the hunters, something they’d never experienced before. Grateful to be reunited on the island, disconnected from the city and the daily grind, the two hunters set off in search of Anticosti Roe Deer, having no idea how their stay will unfold.

Watch this film now, in the cold and snow of this unique, game-filled place called Anticosti.

To find out more about this memorable hunt, take a look at the book “Aventures et cuisine sauvage” and read a chapter specially dedicated to this expedition.

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