Who we are

Born on the banks of the Restigouche River in 2012, Hooké is a Quebec brand whose
mission is to promote outdoor living, sustainable fishing and conscious hunting.
    Through our photos, videos and design, we share our vision that inspires a growing community
    of adventure enthusiasts to explore, protect and better understand nature and its fragility.
    Our products, manufactured in an ecological and responsible way, combine comfort, style and quality
    to meet the needs of this community that shares our passion for the outdoor and its way of life.


Create and bolster a spirited vibe around fly fishing with an innovative approach. We use design and new medias to reach both the core fisher-men and a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Spread the fly fishing vibes worldwide!



We want to create distinctive productions and products, to share our passion with a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts, to get more people on the rivers with greater awareness for environment and species preservation.

core values

The core values that guide everything we do :

About us
About us
About us
About us

The crew

One thing in common: a true dedication to their passion. It all started with a bunch of friends hanging out by the river. It turned into a community. Fly fishers from around the world, connected by their passion for great fly fishing vibes, compose the Hooké Tribe.


The makers

Our filmmakers, DOPs, creation director, designers, photographs and copywriters are the one who work in the shadow to make the brand what it is. You don’t see them very often, but it’s their energy and inspiration you find in everything we do.

The ambassadors

Our ambassadors form a collective that wants to live significant expe-riences and share them with other passionate people. They are a select group of fly fishers, outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen that have a com-mon understanding of the affliction that commands one to be on a river with a fly rod in hand casting a feather wrapped hook in order to catch a fish. Spread around the world, our ambassadors share the Hooké vibes where they were born and raised; outside by the river.

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