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Anticosti : Adapting to the island's climate

Hooké Hunting EP09

Newfoundland part 2 : A childhood dream

Hooké Hunting EP08

Newfoundland part 1 : Tracking partridge with pointer dogs

Hooké Hunting EP07

Montebello : Adventuring on a huge territory

Hooké Hunting EP06

Victoriaville : Spring turkey and white geese

Hooké Hunting EP05

Tourilli : Fall black bear

Hooké Hunting EP04

Ile d'Orléans : A story of wildfowl hunting with friends

Hooké Hunting EP03

Charlevoix : Small game hunting, a passion to be shared


Réserve faunique des Laurentides - Harvesting a moose for the first time

Hooké Hunting EP01

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