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17 March 2020

As a company but first and foremost a hunting and fly fishing community we all love nothing more than enjoying the outdoors and sharing good times outside by the river. On the other hand, we can’t ignore the realities of the COVID-19 situation. To protect our amazing team and customers we have made the decision to close our Hooké store.

As we are all asked to stay isolated at home, we encourage you to disconnect from mainstream media, and watch some of our films and all the great content that is available to help us remember the good times in the wild. It’ll be good for your soul! During this time of isolation we will share with you a lot of material from back in the days and also put forward some of the great people we met.

Our online shop at will still be open and we encourage you to keep encouraging us. All your help will be crucial to survive this crisis and get back on our feet.

To our community who we love, stay safe and healthy out there. We hope to see you all enjoying some great fishing and hunting in a near future. Keep in mind we are the ones who will leave the cities and want nothing else than to isolate ourselves in the wilderness. We can imagine some of you have already hit the forest and their is no better time for total isolation.

The Hooké Team : share the vibes!

Share The Vibes!

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