Road Trip Out West Part 2

Leaving the crew from Bow River Troutfitter after an awesome week in Southern BC, we headed up North for a 20 hour drive that would take us to Terrace BC, Capital of steelhead fly fishing. Switching place behind the wheel, we pushed hard to make it on the next day; we wanted to be fishing as soon as possible. Even this determined, we did stop a couple times appart from normal gas & toilet breaks. Sometimes to enjoy the sceneries, but most of the times out of simple curiosity. This is how we made our coolest encounter; Monti Braun, a chainsaw carving artist whose truck was parked just past New Hazelton. He made us a sick red cedar wolf head we were pretty stoked about. First because it was good looking, second because cedar smells awesome contrary to 5 guys after 30 hours in a RV. Cruising through our last miles, we were completely hyped up to finally reach our destination, meet with our buddy François Blanchet, and fulfill a dream; fishing for wild steelhead in the legendary Skeena River.