Hooke salmon fly box

69.99 $

The Hooké Atlantic salmon fly box is a collaboration with our friends from Gaspé Fly. It contains 12 Gaspé Fly Atlantic salmon flies selected by the Hooké team. This selection will simplify your choices and cover all your needs for Atlantic salmon fishing, under any conditions. There are 9 wet flies and 3 dry flies. The fly box is included.

Hooké Atlantic salmon fly box details

Wet flies
Jones special silver single #3
Silver rat trad. #6
Ally’s shrimp #4
Green highlander #4
John Olin- Longwing TD #6
Paul Caron’s stonefly #7
Picasse #3
Green spey silver single #5
Black bear green butt #4

Dry flies
Labatt blue white tail hot orange hackle #4
Green olive white tail gray hackle #6
Dark olive white tail brown hackle #4

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