''Outside by the river'' Full film

7 January 2019

''Outside by the river'' Full film

Another year of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival has come to an end. Congratulations to the boys from InTents Media for winning the best feature film with “Seriously North”. Good job Phil Tuttle, Cortney Boice, Derek Olthuis and Sam Parkinson for your epic film in search of monster Char!

Here is our 2018 submission “Outside by the River”

“As soon as Jean Phillip finished his studies he wasted no time and moved to Gaspésie with his family to pursue his dream of becoming a fly-fishing guide. He embarked on a quest in trying to understand how to catch the one and only Atlantic Salmon, a fish which comes back from a long journey to its home river to spawn. Today, the Atlantic Salmon has become much more than a fish he enjoys to catch – it has become his life!”

We hope you enjoy the film!

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