Road Trip Out West

With Bow River Troutfitters

Our trip out West started in Calgary. John and Mark from Bow River Troutfitters picked us up and brought us to the shop downtown Calgary where we grabbed what would be needed in the next days fishing rainbows and browns on the Bow River and Bull Trout in BC. The next day, we picked up our RV and drove to meet with the boys from the shop and our friends from Smalltown DJ’s. We only fished for an afternoon, but the vibe was awesome and we managed to catch a couple nice rainbows on streamers.

On that night, we drove through Banff and slept our first night in the RV. The next two days were passed in the stunning sceneries of southern BC, chucking jumbo flies and chasing huge Bull Trout with our guides Spencer, Adam and Curtis. On the last afternoon, Derek managed to put his hands on what we were looking for; one of the biggest fish the guides had seen this year.

Thanks to Bow River Troutfitters and all the great people we met along the way!