Jack’s Fly Shop – Bathurst

During our last adventure a lot of people recommended we go to Jack’s Fly Shop in Bathurst and so, right before leaving town, we took a detour by 375 Raymond street to meet with local legend Jean-Maurice Bourque aka Jack. After going into circles for a couple minutes we finally caught sight of the diminutive “Jack’s Fly Shop” sign on the corner of the patio’s fence. Marie-Paule, Jack’s wife, welcomed us outside before calling her husband up. She took us behind the house in her husband’s shed were Jack warmly welcomed us. For an hour he told us about his life, about his river, the Nepisiguit and about his shop. He finally tied for us his special fly, Jack’s Purple Muddler. while he works, Marie-Paule tells us he sometimes wakes up at two in the morning to tie some flies and fill his orders. At 70 years old he still hand ties around 20 000 flies a year. His name is Jean-Maurice Bourque but everyone calls him Jack. He’s a character, he’s a real and if you ever pass by Bathurst make sure to give a stop at his fly shop.