Official IF4 selection for our latest movie: Along The Way – The Teaser

We’re proud to announce that, once again this year, we are part of the official selection of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. Our movie “Along The Way” will present the epic adventure of the tribe across Canada. This movie isn’t as much about fishing than about the people we met during our fishing trips. Of course we’ve caught some nice salmons in Quebec, New-Brunswick and Labrador. We sure cast huge pike flies, caught some nice trout in Baie-James and managed to get our first bull trout and steelheads out West, but above all, we met some incredible people in each of those places. Fishing guides, fellow fishermen, bush plane pilots, outfitters, chainsaw carving masters, each of these persons helped to build this amazing experience. Stay tuned for the official IF4 dates. Thanks for sharing the vibes, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!