A perfect sight fishing moment

15 August 2018

Sight casting for pike is at the top of Gabriel Rivest‘s list when it comes to fly fishing possibilities. But things like water clarity, weather and the presence of the freshwater shark have to line up.

A perfect sight fishing moment

« We spotted a few fish while paddling through this small lake, decided to pull over for a few minutes and as you can see, we were not disappointed. The fish were everywhere, they were big and they were hungry! Not a cloud in the sky, no wind, water warm enough so no need for waders… So good I doubt i’ll be able to have another pike fishing moment like this one for many years. One for the books, and here’s a quick glimpse of @kamoen17 ‘s battle with her 1m+ pike. Ah yeah, and it was her first ever on the fly… »  –Gabriel Rivest

Thanks for sharing this moment with us Gab !

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