Hooké hunting essentials

9 October 2019

Even though our clothing needs change depending on what kind of hunt we’re doing, the following items generally accompany us in all of our hunting adventures, no matter where and when. Here are a few essential items that will allow you to remain comfortable, to live in the moment and appreciate every instant of your expedition.

Hooké hunting essentials

hunting jacket

A hunting jacket carries the essential equipment and each hunter has his or her preferences for pocket placement. Here are two adaptable jackets that have a multipocket system, allowing you to better organize your hunt and the orange side will allow you to be visible and safe in the woods.

Hooké hunting essentials


Having a layer system is crucial to choose hunting clothes, since layers allow the hunter to adapt to different weather conditions. We propose to opt with a layer system that starts with a base layer. Our polyester base layers have great moisture wicking properties and allow for sweat to evaporate quickly.
Hooké hunting essentials

thermal protection

When temperatures start to drop, you will need warm and comfortable clothes if you are planning on staying at the same spot for hours on end. The Grizzly pullover hoodie with extra long hairs will allow you to retain body heat to keep you warm. In addition, its fabric is completely silent when moving, to allow the hunter to remain undetected in the woods.
Hooké hunting essentials

caps and beanies

Caps are adequate for most of autumn hunting, but when the temperature drops later during the season, we strongly advise to wear a beanie to keep your head warm.
Hooké hunting essentials


Make sure to drink plenty of water, being dehydrated can affect your physical capacity. Consider bringing an isolated metal water bottle, that will keep your liquids fresh for many hours.
Hooké hunting essentials

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