Fishing Report by Gaspé Striped Bass

20 July 2018

We’ve fished striped bass from 2013. For us, striped bass fishing is a reason to have fun with friends, catching nice fish, but mainly discovering and living in Gaspésie. When we started off, we used to sleep on the beaches, fish all night and never abandon the quest for big bass. We really were bass bums.

Fishing Report by Gaspé Striped Bass

Our lifestyle wasn’t too far off from surfer beach bums on Hawaii: we had a small budget, lived with the tides and never thought of the consequences of our actions. We lived 100 miles per hour. It has to be said that bass fishing is crazy on the east coast of America, those guys are born with salt in their blood. They spend their nights fishing from May to December. We have a lot of respect for them and they inspired our lifestyle. We actually copied fishing reports from them! Nor’Easters could write a thesis on the movement of baitfish they know so much! We imitated them as best we could and we managed to understand a bit of the movement of fish populations in the Miramichi River, the one we had the chance of fishing here in Gaspésie.

In 2018, we wanted to go at it differently and live in Gaspésie. Andrew set up a trailer in New Richmond’s camping and it became the place of choice for young chilling fishermen.

Fishing Report by Gaspé Striped Bass

That summer, with Andrew’s boats, a central console to run at large and an ultra-light skiff he learns to ‘’pole“, we had the chance to rediscover spots we fished in from the banks.

Our real motivation for now is to help people around us catch some fish and bring back striped bass fishing. Whole generations of fishermen would spend their lives on it, it’s a sport that has a rich history! It’s a great fish all around: recreational, technical, complex, but that you can also catch on a tide at night with friends and a beer. We have an incredible resource in Gaspésie and we think it’s important we talk about it.

For more than three years now, we’ve felt that it’s time to create a community of striped bass fishermen who are respectful of the resource. This year, we’re launching our project called @gaspe_stripe_bass. To motivate people to go out to fish bass, we publish every week a fishing report we post online. In addition to that, we add in a map of Gaspésie that indicates the best zones at that moment.


Sullivan d’Anjou
Andrew Murphy

Fishing Report by Gaspé Striped Bass
Fishing Report by Gaspé Striped Bass
Fishing Report by Gaspé Striped Bass

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