Atlantic Salmon season kickoff in Gaspé

Day 1 : The ice was broken! Our trip in Gaspé was off to a great start when Fred caught his first salmon on the Dartmouth after only a few casts.

Day 2 : Our adventure in Gaspé continued on the York river. We didn’t get any salmon on the line but saw plenty of fish in the pools. Everything was lined up for a great day on the Saint-jean river the next day.

Day 3 : Mission accomplished on the Saint Jean river. Fred caught this nice fresh salmon with the help of Dave Adams.

Day 4 : We ended our day on the York river with the capture of this big Atlantic Salmon. Thanks to our guide Elie who spotted fish all day for us to make this happen. We completed our mission of catching a fish on each river of Gaspé. Yeah Team!

Day 5 : Our trip in Gaspé ended on a great note with the capture of one last Atlantic Salmon on the Dartmouth river. We had a great time exploring the three rivers of Gaspé and met with amazing people along the way. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. See you soon!