Restigouche: The Land of Giants

The Restigouche is a place every salmon fisherman has heard of. It’s a river we’ve always dreamt of fishing, and we had the opportunity to do so at Glen Eden Lodge with the Martin bros. After four days of fishing along every pool of the lodge, the boys finally managed to get their hands on their first Restigouche salmon, and to build some of our best memories last season.

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The Restigouche River, sometimes called “The Land of Giants” is a 200 kilometres long river that hosts some of the biggest Atlantic salmon in the Maritimes. It takes source in the Appalachian Mountains and runs between Quebec and New-Brunswick before emptying itself in the Baie-des-Chaleurs near Dalhousie.

Glen Eden Lodge
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The Glen Eden Lodge manages exclusive water on the world-renowned Restigouche River. As non-residents, Glen Eden is one of the only spot accessible to fish the Land of The Giants.

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