Patagonia, Chile

In March 2014, the tribe journeyed to Patagonia for a brown trout fly fishing trip at Cinco Rios Lodge. Through our exploration of lakes, creeks, and rivers, not only did we catch some big fish, but we also met locals with whom we share great souvenirs. Our destination on the banks of the Simpson River and the spectacular view of Patagonian Andes made this trip a truly immersive life experience.



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In this expedition through Chile’s majestic landscapes we had the chance to live numerous surprises; rare hatches, unexpected chinook salmons runs, rainbow trout rises, cannibal brown trout, unreal sceneries and new encounters tinted this expedition with a high level of intensity. We’re proud to share it all through our movie Hooké Patagonia: Aventura de Pesca a Mosca, intended to every adventure, fly fishing, music and good vibe enthusiast.

First experience 2013

Patagonia was one of the first official Hooké Fly Fishing video. It was made in march 2013 when Fred Campbell, Jeff Bourdages and David Bishop went on an 8-day Patagonian fly fishing odyssey in search of big brown and rainbow trout. As with any Hooke film, this adventure is more about good vibes than about showing a bunch of big fish being held up, even if there are indeed some big fish in it. As always, fly fishing was an occasion to go on a journey, and this movie is not only about fishing, it’s also about the people we met and the things we experienced along the way.

A fly fishing adventure in Chile

Patagonia is an amazing place to visit and should definitely be on every fishermen’s bucket list. Everything about this wonderful region of Chile is incredible; people, lodges, rivers, lakes, food scenery and of course, big ass fish! If you have ever thought about doing it, don’t wait, just do it, you won’t regret it. A thousand thanks to all those who made this journey a reality, and especially our host Sebastian Galilea from Cinco Rios Lodge and his excellent team of guides, Lalo, Ivan and Hector who showed us the best of Chilean Patagonia.

Cinco Rios Lodge
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Located in the heart of Chilean Patagonia and 10 minutes away from Coyhaique, Cinco Rios Lodge opens its doors to invite you to an enjoyable, unforgettable stay.

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