New-Brunswick : Sea run brookies on Cains River

We visited one of New-Brunswick’s lesser known jewel, the Cains River, for a sea run brook trout fishing trip with Simon Doucette and and Chris Léger. The Martin brothers were welcomed by the Wilson family, owner of the Wilson’s Sporting Camp, at Wildcat Lodge, the family camp on the shore of the Cains. Guided by Karl Wilson, the boys met with some of the big brook trout running each year in this Miramichi tributary.

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The Cains is a unique river; its the biggest tributary of the Miramichi system, and a very interesting one as it hosts a run of massive sea trout. Feeding in the ocean and coming back to the hundred kilometres of pristine fresh water that constitute the Cains River makes those brook trout some of the biggest in Eastern Canada, weighting up to 10 pounds. Catching them on small dry flies makes up for an exciting fishing day!

Wilson's Sporting Camps
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The Wilson family runs the Wilson Sporting camp since more than half a century, providing some of the greatest Atlantic Salmon fly fishing in New Brunswick. They are located in the Miramichi River valley of New Brunswick, a pristine, “just as God made it” place that offers some of the finest Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing on the North American continent.

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