Leaf River, Northern Quebec

Fred and Maude had a chance to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world, Leaf River Lodge. Located in the northern part of their home province, Leaf river has remained a clandestine jewel known only by the native Inuits. From its source in Minto Lake, the Leaf River flows away from the Hudson Bay toward Ungava Bay. On this trip, our two adventurers had the opportunity to fuse the technology and hardware of today with unspoiled waters of yester-years. Big brookies, lake trout and salmon were all present for our two love birds to enjoy!


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Fred and Maude traveled in one of Quebec’s most pristine area; the North. Fishing the Leaf River is getting lost in time, it’s experiencing spotless rivers and sceneries. This video lays out one of the most amazing fishing and life experience we shot. Thanks to Alain and Louis Tardif from Leaf River Lodge for making this adventure possible.


Leaf River is the gem of Northern Quebec. From its source up in lake Minto to its mouth in the Ungava Bay the river remains entirely wild, flowing north of the treeline through tundra patches. The river offers some incredibly diversified fishing opportunities as it’s home to many species including atlantic salmon (anadromous and landlocked), brook trout and lake trout.

Leaf River Lodge
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The secrets of the Leaf River are waiting for you. Black bears, ptarmigan, muskox, caribou, wolves. They join brook trout, lake trout and salmon of the Leaf River in offering unforgettable memories and incomparable fishing.

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