Hunt River, Labrador

On this trip, we had the chance to travel to an extraordinary atlantic salmon fishing destination located in northern Labrador with the people from Loop. Hunt River Lodge is a Loop endorsed lodge managed by Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company. Great vibes with awesome people from around the world.

Peter Henry Phillips - Dreamcatcher
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Chris Verbiski first met photographer and cinematographer Yngve Ask on the Kola Peninsula of Russia in 2003. Since that time they have travelled to many locations around the world with the goal of preserving the minds eye view of spectacular dry fly and surface “takes”. Labrador continues to offer the consistency of those magical medicinal moments. Thanks Yngve!

A fly fishing adventure on the Hunt River

Hunt River is located in northern Labrador. Only accessible by helicopter, it hosts healthy populations of atlantic salmon, sea-run brook trout and arctic char.

Atlantic Rivers
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Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company has two Atlantic salmon lodges in Labrador, Canada. Those lodge are located on the banks of the Hunt and St.Lewis rivers and both offer off the charts atlantic salmon angling quality.

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