Bonaventure, Gaspesie

On its way to Bonaventure River, the Hooké tribe stopped by the Gaspé’s shore to try its hand at saltwater fly fishing. At the time, striped bass fishing was a new thing in the region so excitement was at an all-time high when, at rising tide, entire schools of stripers flood by the beach. Bonefires, lots of fish and good vibes is what will always come to our mind when thinking about the first part of our trip to Bonaventure.

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Atlantic Salmon fishing for the Girls

The adventure in Bonaventure was up to a good start with some epic striped bass action but the best was to come on the Bonaventure river. Guided by David Bishop, Anie, Maude and Joanie went down the upper sectors of the river to try and get their first atlantic salmon on the fly. An amazing canoe float along the sceneries of one of the clearest rivers on earth. Watch the clip to see Maude capture her first salmon!


As the 2013 atlantic salmon fishing season was getting to an end, Derek and Jeff headed out on a last minute adventure to fish the crystal clear flows of the Bonaventure River. The fall colours were blossoming as well in the trees as in the river where salmons were in full-on spawning dresses. In this magnificent decor, the guys shared some good laughs while managing to hook up onto some big kyped up salmons.


The Bonaventure River flows out of the Chic Choc mountain range as one of the clearest rivers you’ll ever fly fish on. It streams south for 115 kilometres before emptying in the Baie des Chaleurs. Not only does the river itself offers 9 prime Atlantic salmon fishing sectors, its mouth is also home to an increasing population of striped bass, thus allowing anglers to experience some very different fly fishing opportunity in a single area.

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The Bonaventure River ZEC manages a total of 98 salmon pools along 65 kilometres of river located in 9 sport fishing sectors. The ZEC distributes fishing access during the entire fishing season from June 1 to September 30.

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